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Password Change Template email

This email is to inform you that you have successfully reset your password.


You may use this password to access the following resources:


If you use a laptop and have not yet logged in with the new password, log out and log back in using your new password. If you use Lotus Notes Applications you should start Lotus Notes while connected to the network.  This will synchronize the new password with your laptop encryption and Lotus Notes.  Failure to do this could prevent access to your applications  when not connected to the network (i.e. when you attempt to access a Word document on the train, etc).


If you have any problems after you have performed the necessary logins, use "The Button" to raise a ticket.

If "The Button" is not available, contact your local support desk.


Please do not respond to this email.


Thank You,

Q Bytes World


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TextBox widget example - adding any formatted HTML code to the widget.

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